Sunday, November 16, 2014

Line Ink drawing

line ink drawing girl sitting on bench

It's been a while since I've written here.  I updated the little section of text on the left side of this blog that was supposed a general 'about me'.  The last thing it had said was that I was starting my 2nd year of grad. school, which was a shade over a year ago.  In the interim, I've still been drawing from time to time.  Mostly just very rough, crude sketches, but occasionally finishing something that I like.  A year or so ago, I began to really appreciate - the Line.  Just the idea of lines, forming the shapes of things - outlines, silhouettes.  Crisp, sharp lines with variations: thin/thick, smooth/rough, fluid/abrupt.  More to be quick, because who has time for painting and coloring, I also started appreciating the sharp contrasts of b&w a lot more.  So these two are examples of what came out of that.  What else...I've become conscious of the fact that I dislike superlatives, so I will be trying to avoid them in writing.
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