Monday, August 12, 2013

Sports Bras - a surprising summer accessory

Forever 21 turquoise blue sports bra

The one that started it all - This pretty light turquoise one is the first purchased.  All due to the dress I am wearing in the photos below.  I found the dress at TJ Maxx, loved the color combinations (I've been very into mint green since last summer and increasingly this summer) and loved that it buttoned all the way up and down the front.  However, the chest area was a little loose, the straps were kind of weird, they curved inwards in a C shape and when I mildly complained about these factors to the friendly checkout person who complimented my dress choice, she suggested a sports bra underneath.  So I checked first at American Apparel - nothing! Somehow wound up at f21 and discovered this cheap goodness.  : D

The quality, fit, and comfort is just amazing for $4.80 and best of all, for practical purposes, it has these openings in the side where you can remove the pads!  This is honestly my favorite thing because I have never figured out a way to fit hand washing bras into my schedule, and as a result, after one or two machine washes, the pads inside start to get lumpy and misshapen ... which means that before long, I can only wear them underneath fall sweaters.  These pads are easy to remove and easy to put back in.

Forever 21 turquoise blue sports bra

The sports bra shows a little bit at the neckline, which is nice - similar color scheme!  A contrasting color such as yellow or purple would also be nice (addicted).

Forever 21 turquoise blue sports bra

Forever 21 turquoise blue sports bra
Aand in the back, you just see the 2 thin straps which I totally don't mind.  Some people have issues with any straps showing though, even if it's totally coordinating straps.  Can't be helped!  I tried a strapless bra once and it kept sliding south.  Most uncomfortable.

I love these sports bras over regular bras because they create a slimmer silhouette and feel more natural and comfortable, maybe due to the lack of wires and hooks.  I kind of want to just switch over to these completely, even for fall and winter.

Let me know if you have any particular underwear preferences (lol, wink wink) and next up, an outfit with the black one and an outfit with the tan one.

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