Friday, August 9, 2013


From: f21

My newest discovery this summer is the sports bra.  The Forever 21 sports bra in particular (sometimes called a layering bra on the website).  It is the perfect companion to dresses with atypical straps or dresses that are slightly ill-fitting on top due to lack of bust on purchaser.  The checkout person at TJ Maxx suggested it to me. I know. I'm very upset I didn't think of this simple but brilliant idea myself.  This black one is my third one now and I actually wouldn't mind one or two more in yellow &/or lavender.  Addicted!  I love being addicted to things that are really good and totally cheap.

They only cost $4.80 and I think they deserve their own post.

I am delighted to say that my newly begun off-time from school has resulted in a slew of sketches being finished.  I am very reluctant to photograph them though because I always feel like they are not quite finished and could use a little more shading/outlining/detail ... Well the plan is to post those, write a little more about sports bras, and do an outfit post incorporating the above accessories.

side note: frequently using Instagram has caused me to square-crop my photos even when it's not necessary. I read an article about this; the square frame is harmonious and balanced and helps with focus. All things I need.  

also, I am trying to toughen up my 'look' starting (and probably ending) at the accessories level.  Namely, bracelets.  Helloo studs, leather, and chains. 
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