Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Apartment moving

It was around three weeks ago, and it was really difficult in retrospect.  First, moving out of the top of a five story walk up, without the help of any movers, just you and your bf, is already pretty tough.  We spread it out over 2 or 3 days, and oh boy was there a lot of up and downs!  ... Then a mix of the cold and flu hit me for 4 days, and just when I was almost all recovered, it was "that time-a-the-month".  Now that all that is over, I can focus on the more enjoyable aspects of moving.

Urban Outfitters Curtains

I ordered these sheer curtains from Urban Outfitters (by a brand called Magical Thinking).  I think UO is one of the nicer places to get curtains in that they have a variety of choices with the lowest prices.  My second choice would be Modcloth.  While they are also not too expensive, they are a little hit or miss in the designs.  Sometimes they'll have a nice selection and other times, like right now, they'll have 4 types of curtains in not-so-great patterns.  My third pick would be Anthropologie which has great designs and many styles, but as you can probably guess, very, VERY high prices.  Their online furniture/accessories sale section is one of my favorite places to browse on a weekly - monthly basis though.

I was hoping to get everything mounted this past weekend, but all we managed were a set of curtains!  I think we needed a weekend of mainly rest after all the hard work and sickness.
Green Drawer shelf - Etsy
From Legacy Studio on Etsy - A very nice shop with a sweet country farm aesthetic.

Why yes, I am reading Moby Dick, and have been on and off for the past several months!  It's a very funny book when it is not busy overwhelming you with its sheer bulk of words.  

These also need to find a home somewhere on the ceiling:
Japanese style fish decorations
Wax paper blow-up fish from Kinokuniya (Japanese for 'Corner Bookstore') at Bryant Park. 
Aren't they fun?  I'm amazed and glad they survived the move despite being made out of some thin, crinkly, plastic.  They came in a flat package, and to puff them up, you blow into a small hole in the center.  The big blue one was a challenge.  Don't attempt it if you have or have had asthma.

Green floral curtains from Modcloth

This is our one completed project!  A very important one too as our window looks directly into another person's window which tends to make me get twitchy and self-conscious.  These curtains are from Modcloth.  Lovely color and pattern!  I was hoping to get another set to match but alas, they don't sell it anymore, and even when I googled the specific brand, none were to be found. 

Some future plans for our little 1-bedroom apartment :
1) A tiny couch.  Leaning towards this one from MUJI.
2) Building a sleeping loft (!!!)
3) A small kitchen table, preferably drop-leaf, preferably this one from Etsy seller 'Envy Alley'.  

From time to time, I tend to get bouts of impatience for everything to be done and settled already.  Yes these types of things take time.  In fact, I think that in decorating a living space, the slower it comes together the better.  It gives one time to find the right thing needed for the space/function.  It feels like a natural growing process, and probably shouldn't be rushed.

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