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Empties posts.  The initial appeal and novelty factor of discovering this niche topic still remains.  As time passed, I noticed the selections are actually not as random as they first appeared. The reviews, rationales for repurchasing/not repurchasing, and choices convey a strong sense of personality, and even worldview.

My first empties post is more on the random side.  Some were presents and the samples were mostly not chosen by me.  Let's start with those –– samples!
From left to right -

The Face Shop: Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Acerola | Review  [Price: $7.99]
Delicately light pink, soft and foamy with very light - no scent.  Will buy this next time I go to The Face Shop in Koreatown!  (I like the packaging with just the two cherries on top, for some reason the 'review' link shows a different, ugly package design.) fyi: Acerola

Bliss: Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream  [Price: $54]
Delicately light orange, amazing light texture, no scent.  Loved it but would not buy because it is over $50 (it's a face moisturizer).

Missha: Cho Bo Yang BB Cream SPF30 PA++  [Price: $30 - $45]
Redness and enlarged pores instantly disappear.  Really nice that it can be rubbed on as opposed to the Skin79 BB cream which needs to be gently patted on.  I get really tired when multiple face cosmetics require those annoying patting motions for application!  It is very light though, and only two shades are available.  I would buy this if I didn't recently get the Laura Mercier Foundation (also good).  


(Left to Right)

Trader Joe's SPA Lavender hand & body lotion | Review  [$4.99]
A consistent re-buy.  Both my mom, my sister (and me of course) have repurchased it so many times.

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner 
Very strong fumes - strong alcohol scent.  Stings eyes to the point of teariness.  Also makes the inside of your nose feel strange when you breathe it in.  A painful kind of strange.  Does not minimize the appearance of pores, and the only plus side is that it cools the skin.  

Victoria's Secret 'Beauty Rush' Body mist and lotion in "Appletini"  
This is where the randomness comes in - this body lotion and body spray set was a present - from a stranger - and boy did I hate them. So much so that the body spray is not actually empty. I can't stand to use it up, especially since sprays take FOREVER to go through.  The scent was not only highly artificial and sickening, but the body lotion also had a strong undertone of alcohol ...  I forced myself to use up the lotion because I hate wasting things, and I was all set to use the spray at least as a room spray, but - no can do!  The color is very pretty - I do love green, but I am sooo happy to throw it out.

A very pretty blue, nicely scented, feel-good scrub.  I wouldn't buy it again though because diy scrubs are easy and pretty much free!  Also, the Clarasonic already provides good exfoliation.  

Earth Science Olive and Avocado deep conditioning masque for hair  [$8.95] 

I found this at Whole Foods.  The mini size was on sale for $2 so I picked it up since I'm always looking for a good hair conditioner.  This one works really well.  I even cut open the tube when it was near empty to try and get everything.  Luckily, I found the large size at WF a few months later.  This is just as good, if not better than the Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Hair Pak, except for just 2.4 ounces less, it's almost 3 times cheaper.  ($8.95 vs. $25.00) 

Trader Joe's Virtuoso lip balm with SPF 15 (spearmint) [$2.45]

Really good price - 3 in a pack.  Feels and smells nice.  Another one of those consistent re-buys for my mom, my sister, and myself.  Oddly, I can't find a product page or crowd sourced review for this so check out the blog post here and here if you want to see more.  

And lastly, because they didn't leave behind any kind of packaging/wrapper and so I almost forgot: 

LUSH ultimate shine shampoo bar and LUSH coal face
*shampoo bar and bar tin was a present*

1.) Fun to try out, however, both my boyfriend and I thought it didn't clean the hair very well on those oily-hair days.  Also, I didn't think it made my hair any shinier, unless you count the natural oils it left behind!  The store advises you to purchase their special tin for storage in between uses to promote the longevity of the bar, but like others have said, when I did this, the soap stuck to the tin, took forever to get out, then broke in half.  [Check it out]

2.) This facial soap worked very well at getting rid of oil.  However, storage was an issue for me.  I found it pretty messy to keep around and for that reason, will keep using bottled face washes with the clarasonic. [Check it out]

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