Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Girl with butterflies painting

 (The image above was rather washed out by scanning, the image below is more true to the original color.)

Girl with butterflies painting

Today I thought I'd share a painting recently completed for a friend.  It's the result of a trip.  My friend and I had gone to a butterfly conservatory - it was a first experience for the both of us, and we were duly amazed.  If you have never been to one, you must try to find a chance to go.  If you have, then hopefully you know what I mean when I say, if everyone had their own butterfly conservatory to visit whenever they desired, there would be a sharp drop in depression rates in this country!  

Anyway, my friend was looking to decorate her room so she asked me to make a painting of a girl with butterflies in honor of this experience.  

So I did, and of course I *had* to include a mild reference to Nabokov because around the same time I discovered he was an avid Lepidopterist who had made many creative illustrations of them.  

(I've posted his butterfly drawings HERE if you are curious to see!)

PS - I bumped into Bianca Casady yesterday!  
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