Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Outfit post inspired by ... Tow trucks


Dress - Strawberry
belt - Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty
Cardigan - Anthropologie

That silly pic is pretty much obligatory considering all the nature related activities I've been doing this month.

I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the cherry blossom festival...
the gatekeeper at the performers' entrance said my glasses were phenomenal. :D   

... and a plant nursery in Long Island to get some new flowers for our rooftop.  

I kind of wish I could be surrounded by that many plants all the time.  While still living in the city.  They just have the best scent!

The large pink one in the foreground is a Dahlia.

Portulacas in the front; pointy yellow ones in the center (don't know the name of them unfortunately) 

Today has been a beautiful, drippy, rainy day.  With sunshine forecast from Thursday on.  Should be great for the flowers!  And the tomatoes, cucumbers, and string beans.

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