Thursday, April 26, 2012

Skateboard Deck Painting : The Sylph's Domain

(HERE is a photo of what it looked like after sanding)

Hello again!  This is the finished painting.  I used the same acrylic paints that I use for painting on paper.  After it dried, it was coated with several layers of clear polyurethane gloss.  The original design from SHUT was a copy of one of their affiliated skater's martial arts certificate - lots of chinese characters and red stamps.  That was sanded off first of course.  (The intricate border was always there.  No way I could paint that!  Also the golden SHUT logo on top.) 

The illustration was inspired by the song 'Only Skin'.  Particularly the 19th-20th stanza.

Now for FOTDs!  Courtesy of Photobooth

 Here I am wearing sephora's white 'opal' glitter eyeliner.  Love the stuff.  

 I had a little too much fun here and kept ... adding.  It's one of my heavier makeup looks.  It looked fine at home but I neglected to take into account the fact that I would be spending 9 hours at work and over an hour commuting - well perhaps the thought did cross my mind but I chose to ignore it. Result?  By 11 pm - slight panda eye effect.  smudgy, messy and sweaty.  Well I have learned from my mistake and from now on, only light eye makeup for the days I need to work!

Yup those are some of my completed makeup looks.  I use every outing as a opportunity to practice.  No matter how ordinary the destination.  :)  However, tis important to have a relaxed/confident attitude above all.  Uptightness and insecurity will spoil even the most expertly applied makeup. 
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