Monday, April 16, 2012

Napkin sketching is my new hobby

Tumblr-esque posts are forecast for the near future until I get through test # 2 of this semester...

 Jotted this after receiving unwanted advances during my lunch break.  First hint - lunch, Second hint - notebook: "I have a test on Monday I need to study for", Third hint - oh text from boyfriend to meet him somewhere!  *obligatory hand shake* Nice to meet you too!  
 Outfit for studying at the library : 
cardi - sister's via f21
button up - Uniqlo
jeans - a&f
shoes - also sister's!  Cheapy ones from street market in China (they prob. literally amounted to 75 cents seriously)

Newest addition to my skincare routine - A'kin face mask for normal, combination, and oily skin (I have the latter two) ...           –– "masque" I mean
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