Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slap Dash post

The wildflower Hummingbird and Butterfly mix I planted has germinated!  They grew so quickly in those first few days. 

First, this happened overnight - 

I was so excited.  Then in a few short days, they sprung up and turned into what you saw in the first picture.  Planting is great isn't it?  It influenced my swatching choices at Sephora later that day where I went to lie and pick up my complementary "birthday present" - a mini lip balm and rose tint duo by that expensive, IMO ripoff company, Fresh.  Why do I think this?  Because I was wishing for their fancy sugar lip scrub that costs like, a gold bar for an ounce before I realized I could achieve the same effect with Domino's sugar mixed with olive oil.  >.<

I would love to have some green themed eye makeup eventually.  Currently I use mostly white & silver.

The reason this post feels very slap dash to me is because I am giddy over the fact that I got an amazing serendipitous deal at Anthro and because I was accepted to another graduate school; one I actually would love to go to.  Still waiting to hear from my *top* two which should happen in early to mid April.  So yes, sorry that this post isn't as planned/edited/focused and is kind of all over the place.  Well, it's time for my favorite part, the outfits.

This is what I wore prior to the Anthro jaunt.  I wanted to be a little careless/carefree and purposely mismatched. 

I went with the intention of treating myself to this because I am obsessed with headbands.  While I was there, I discovered in the sale section this spring cardi I had seen online (but in beige and orange).  Half off – In one of my favorite color motifs – I almost had a conniption.  I am obsessed with color, pattern, and texture and this has all of the above.  Along with a price tag that's like 1/100th of their norm!

You will most certainly be seeing the cardigan and headband photographed more carefully in a future post.  ; ) 
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