Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Simple Hearts Wallpaper & Cotton Candy Pants

cardi : Miss Hoe
jeans : Uniqlo
necklace : from the Museum of Natural History's gift shop

The "wall paper" is the wrapping from a bouquet of flowers.  It looked kind of tacky around the flowers but once I took it out and smoothed it, it looked much better!  

Fabric necklace from Kinokuniya (Japanese for Corner Bookstore) that I almost wore before deciding it didn't go with the flow of the outfit.  Another day!   

My 2nd attempt at the subtle cat-eye make up.  My first attempt was so bad I washed it off immediately.

Sad how un-pink the jeans look in photograph form.   For some reason I really wanted to O.D. on the pinks today!
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