Monday, February 13, 2012

Traipsing Around

(the outfit on the left reminds me of Snow White!)

I actually planned outfits out ahead of time today.  This is a new thing with me that is probably here to stay. In high school, I never understood the girls who would pick out an outfit the night before.  Boring!  I craved the spontaneity of an ensemble created spur of the moment!  Based on the current temperature, amount of sunshine or lack thereof, the song stuck in my head...  At some point recently I realized this kind of lax attitude creates too many days where I stomp out the door grumpy and ill at ease due to lack of time or time wasted; wasting away in front of the full length mirror! - resulting in a crappy outfit and a subpar day.  Therefore I am turning a new leaf and foregoing spontaneity in some areas in favor of planning and control and organization.    

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