Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I wore to call admissions offices

Lately I have been very balance oriented.  Today I had to pick up the phone, get my manilla folder and call the admissions offices of a few schools.  This caused me tension!  So I indulged in photographing myself in this simple outfit I put on to make the phone calls.  Because I can't call the offices in my old pajamas and mis-matching shirt I just can't.  Looking the part, helps me to feel and act the part, which will then make me BE the part.  So here is my scholarly abstracted rose getup ...


Ideally the outfit would look better if I painted my nails red but it takes too long.

Outfit details (top to bottom):
Headband - anthro
sweater - f21
skirt - sister's (but prob. f21 or H&M)
tights - by HUE from anthro
shoes - sister's (thrifted, by a brand called "Easy Spirit")

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