Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green dream outfit

Bending round the clover field - their sapling stems don't break but yield


2 of my favorite songs by cocorosie.  Could take a while to load but so worth the wait.

Ootfit details:
skirt - anthro
tights - Ricky's (Halloween store)
shoes - anthro
tank tops - H&M
cardi - thrifted, J. Crew
Necklace - Miss Hoe (birthday prez)
Headband - magnets from Layla Grayce =D  best 15 dollars I ever spent even though they weren't as yellow/gold as depicted

I went to a event at Housing Works bookstore cafe last night.  First time I participated in one of their many things.  It was so enjoyable - I love that place.  ♥   

Have a great day and remember, "Concept Over Pretty".  mmhm. 

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