Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yesterday's failed smoothie is today's hair treatment


 outfit details:
Shoes, borrowed from sister: Eric Michael
Tights: Uniqlo
Dress: Thrifted, Topshop

 My favorite thing about the dress besides the classic shape is the deconstructed looking zipper in the back.  I recently sewed the shoulder straps in by about a inch because it was hanging too low and loose on me.  (The dress has been hanging in my closet for ... a year?!  And has been worn ... twice?!)  That's the trouble with thrifting a dress.  The style might be amazing but it just might be a size off from what you normally wear.   Plus, it is worth mentioning that I usually have an aversion to animal printed garments.  It's really not my style.  This dress makes it work though.  Maybe due to the subdued color combined with the aforementioned classic shape (reminds me of the dresses shirley temple would wear in her movies).

 close up of hair and eye makeup.
I really like how my hair gets curly-ish when it's wet.  You would not believe how hard it is though!  Haha, the avocado smoothie dries to a cement-like consistency!  It feels like my hair is going to break off if I bend it.  Scary.  Here is my typical eye makeup combo: a line of black followed by a line of white (sometimes I'll use silver).  It makes me feel wise yet youthful at the same time.  I don't know if my mental state echoes the makeup though!   

close up of lip makeup.
I love painting on a tiny mouth!  It's so funny looking and weird.

Oh yes, so about the avocado smoothie aka happy accident hair treatment.  It is a filipino drink that a friend introduced to me a few years back.  It involves combining avocado, milk, and sugar.  Sounds good right?  We made it yesterday, substituting with soy milk and honey, and it tasted none too great.  =(  So, since my hair has always tended to be dry, and knowing avocado is good for it, I tried it this morning as a leave-in conditioner type thing.  I can't wait to see how it is after I shower.  It took a surprisingly small amount to fully saturate my hair, so I think I have enough for ... maybe 4 more uses?  If it works well I can kiss Lush's avocado leave in conditioner goodbye.  That thing costs like 20 bucks for a small jar!  A single avocado is only a dollar!  I have high hopes for this smoothie treatment because after rinsing the residue off my hands, the skin still had a slightly oily feel to them.  A good sign!  
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