Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Old Lolita covers

 Late 80s - 1989 : New York

 80s - 1986 : Paris

 Late 60s - 1966 : New York

 60s - 1961: Athens

 50s - 1957 : Stockholm

Click through the link above to see the complete collection - "185 book and media covers from 37 countries and 56 years"!  The ones I've posted above were my favorites and match my own style aesthetic in terms of how Lolita is portrayed as a person/character.  I DESPISE the covers that portray her as some sort of loose excuse for literary people porn.  Not that porn is bad, but it's just so shallow of an interpretation, and inappropriate for a complex story to just slap some pretty girl in some state of nudity on the front cover.  Like the cover that just has a naked woman on it, or the ones where she is supposed to be the embodiment for some universal concept of lust or desire which doesn't exist and if it does, the cover artist did not capture it.   Basically, it's probably best to not try to give her a face.  It's fun to do that though!  Everyone who loves the story will want to make her look the way they like.  But...that ruins it a little bit for someone, somewhere down the road.

Well the five here did not ruin it for me.  They are so quaint and historical and sometimes cultural!  I especially like the one from Athens and the one from Stockholm.  The Athens one addresses an important part of the story that most of the other covers don't focus on.  They focus more on her youth, innocence, attractiveness/seductiveness, yet a key part of the story was this natural sense of control she had over Humbert ^2.  It wasn't even like she was trying to control him; just who she was and who he was; he felt completely helpless in her presence.  And the illustration from the 60s is so funny because it is sooooo typical to portray a girl looking like that.  Ex: these old diaries from around the same time  -

Full Stockholm Cover: Love the fonts and their colors!

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