Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The best thing about plants is their color of course; that, and the frondescence!

God I love the imagery in this video so much.  Not even mentioning lyrics, the person, the ideas.  Let's just focus on the images for now before I get too overwhelmed!  I wish I could dress up like a bird and get photographed!  He was aiming for a hawk here I think, what with the brown feathers and dark, stern eye makeup.  I would want to be that green parrot.  There's plenty more amazing images in the video (which can't be embedded) - you must watch it to get the full effect.  It moves very quickly, in flashes almost; which just about drove me crazy at first when I was trying to get just-the-right-image for the screen shots but ~ I got the hang of it. The trick is to pause a few seconds before you know the image is about to appear, not as you see it because there will be a delay.

... omg just found this :  Jonsi and Alex make a raw, vegan lasagna!  

I saw jónsi (pronounced Yon-si) speak with Cameron Crowe last night at Barnes and Nobles in a sort of double promotion.  He made the soundtrack for a new movie coming out called 'We bought a Zoo'.  It was quite good and made me realize some things.
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