Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miss Hoe : A fuzzy green necklace

I hurriedly snapped a picture this morning before going to school.  It pisses me off when it feels like my schedule runs my life.  I get resentful, but then I started thinking, well maybe it doesn't have to be this way.  Maybe I just need to grab whatever little pocket of time that is there and use it to do something I want to do.  And hence, here we have a outfit photo!  I later added a light grey cardigan because I thought the bright colors might be a little too obnoxious for school.  It added a nice touch of maturity, I thought. 

Necklace: Miss Hoe
Yellow Henley: Uniqlo
Black and White striped shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: Uniqlo  

Here is a close up but still not close enough to show off that splendid creation - moi.  J/K the necklace.  It's fuzzy/furry on top, and the bottom is made up of big wooden beads wrapped in an assortment of fabrics.  There's a fantastic ribbon tied on and the very center ball is just a big puff ball made of colorful bits of yarn.  Oh yeah and there's also two smaller steel beads on it.  It was a birthday present from a lovely gal from So. Cal.  I picked the orange version at first but had to exchange it for the green because it went much better with my skin tone.

Have a great evening ladies and gents~  I still need to photograph that bathrobe I got.  Maybe I can squeeze it in tomorrow morning...   Oy that'll be early.  -_-

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