Sunday, October 30, 2011

LUSH Ocean Salt scrub

I've been making so many awesome little purchases.  "TREAT YO' SELF"  - Tom Haverford  =)

Take this for instance.  I first heard of LUSH through my friend who kindly let me use her Ocean Salt scrub.  My face felt amazing after using it!  I finally got my own today.  (I first tried their Coal face soap and it was great too.  Good for cleaning oily skin ... but still not as massaging and refreshing as how I remembered the scrub felt so ... )  Here it is - fun part is, they give you a little popsicle stick and tell you to stir in the sea salt yourself.  Such fun!  I felt like a little herbalist or something.  Making my own potions and lotions.  Ha - speaking of which, my sister and I might experiment with making lip balms with petroleum jelly by adding in various things like hot chocolate powder, beet juice, vanilla extract, etc.

Delightfully crusty!

After it's been vigorously mixed.  =)

A reminder of its previous pristine look :  

Next, I would like to share some of the sephora brand lip stains I've been getting.  And a bathrobe.  =D

Also, NY got it's first snow yesterday.  It was the most perfect first snow of the season ever.  In honor, we've put up our mini christmas tree.  There are some November birthdays coming up so I figure I can put b-day presents underneath.
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