Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Monday is orientation for ___________.  I feel a little like a traitor ( to myself ) for saying this, but I feel excited.  I know it's just a retail job ... but for a part time job, what do you expect.  I'm really excited actually that it's for this particular store and in this certain location though I shouldn't cuz it'll be filled with people, especially on the weekends and I'm going to wind up hating clothes shopping and I'll be standing for up to eight hours.  But still, if it had to be retail ( and in a way it's good that it is because that is a flexible and reliable p/t job) then I'm glad it's this store.  Also wouldn't mind ____________ or __________ haha.  At least it's not _____ or _____.  bleh!  I really hope for the ________ job too though.  That would be so great.
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