Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some observations

I'm at Bryant Park.  I went to Union Square just to give another park a try and it was gross.  It was so weird, one half was loud, rude sounding poor people - oh I feel awful saying that but tis true, and the other side, that was closer to the farmer's markets were the well off people dressed nicely and talking in low tones.  The park felt small and damp and dingy.  I don't remember it being so unpleasant.  So yea, I think B.P. really is the best!  Washington Square is nice too but can be too noisy.  But no that one ain't bad and is closer to home.  When I was waiting to use the bathroom at the park, there was a timid, meek woman who totally cut the line I think by pretending she was just going to wash her hands.  And a big fat stupid woman staring stupidly.  And the cleaning woman slamming things around.  And the friend of b.f.s.w. who saw there was one hand dryer left and rushed towards it to beat me.  I think these glances of sneaky humanity is what Kurt Vonnegut's eerie short stories capture.  There's not a lot of kids at Bryant Park compared to Washington Square which is nice.  I think that's due to there being a carousel instead of a playground.  Playgrounds get kids to linger, a carousel only lets them stay long enough to become a decorative part of the scenery for adults; idyllic childhood ah!

Well I'm sorry but here it is, I see a oldish middle aged couple kissing passionately on the bench.  It's a nice sight.  The woman looks a bit younger with dark bushy hair down to her shoulders, a bit of a gypsy turned office worker in her navy patterned button up tucked into her navy pencil skirt.  The man is dressed like anyone else around here.  Salt and pepper hair, non descript pale blue dress shirt, tan slacks with a belt.  I wonder if he's cheating.  I imagine a wife a train's ride long commute away.  Now they're at it again.  It's so sweet looking, like teenagers.  Just before, he fluffed her hair and bought it close to her face and must've murmured something flattering cuz she grinned charmingly, all the while staring into his eyes.  It was a real batting of the eyelashes moment.
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