Sunday, July 3, 2011

I used one of those apps for tracking your jogs for the first time yesterday and posted it to my facebook.

A mix of pride and shame. That sounds like it could be the title to a Dostoevsky novel.  Pride because now I'm one of those people who are serious about their health and fitness and are high techly posting their stats to facebook (although I just noticed it doesn't have my pace on there like it does for Sheryl's a.k.a bitchcake's -- she must use a higher techyer one!); Shame because well, it is kind of slow isn't it!  And I was dying at the end I tell you.  There was an option on the app for you to pick how much effort it took you - a range of colors from green to red; I chose red; and how you felt at the end; I chose tired with the pain face.   Still though, here's to hoping that the little numbers will inversely grow.

Afterwards, Louis made some greek yogurt-sorbet-fruit amazingness.

which we had on the roof 

Then we watched the Wizard of Oz which made me sad about real life 'Dorothy' and annoyed with Halloween costumes.
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