Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classic dress shapes by Zara

I am trying to find an outfit by Sunday night that can pass as "business professional".   It's hard because I usually have no such desire to dress that way. despite watching anywhere from 2 - 4 episodes of The Office per day.

These are all from Zara.  Ranging from 10 - 40$.  I had no idea Zara could be as cheap as H&M!  Every time I go to the store I see prices 70 and up.  I hope I can find these in the store today.  I have to return the cardigan and tank top I got from the Loft yesterday.  What was I thinking ...  My favorite two are the first and the last one.  Especially the last one.  So mod!  =)  It'd totally go with my body type and hair.
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