Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tin toys in China

A stand selling old fashioned wind up tin toys in Beijing
So it's 1:37 am and I guess I'm still recovering from jet lag.  Guess it's not as easy as sleeping until 2.  So what I've done is finally get around to refreshing my resume so I can start looking for a new part time.  Thank God for certain practical reasons/circumstances of the past few weeks which made me feel okay and not like a lazy jerk as the days went by and I did nothing job search related because to be frank I really didn't feel like it.  It's weird though, after getting back from China, I feel ready.  I guess I'm just sick of not having my own income.  For one thing I want a big floppy hat from Bloomingdale's because I've discovered that big summer hats look good on me AND perform a vital function unlike other accessories like the lackadaisical necklace.  I also pre-teenly want one of those brightly colored Harajuku Lovers backpacks.  Not sure which one per se but they look like candy. 

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