Friday, June 17, 2011

I just watched Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again because it occurred to me that I should.  Because I was writing a cover letter for something in the 'maps' division if you really want to know and I like word associations and now I'm writing about it because the song made a new impact on me where it wasn't just a sad love song by a girl who got dumped and is trying to get her guy back but a commentary on the job application process and that's right! -- the whole of   modern   society.  So in the beginning, an impatient authoritative voice interrupts the gym-turned-studio scene telling the clusters of people to stop working for just a few minutes, it's time for a rehearsal of some sort.  People in busy little groups reluctantly stop; annoyed and bothered as lights go off and one big light is directed at a little stage.  A blatant "action Nick!" underlines the fact that this is just a performance, rehearsed hundreds of times; some people trying to get their act good enough.  The fake audience dutifully sits and waits for it to be over.  "Nick" mechanically picks up his guitar and strums out a racing and anxious preliminary beat as though to apologize for taking up time.  Then, closeup of her and the way she stares up into the darkness makes you think of journal entries or letters that really never wanted to be read or even written.  Underscoring the egoism that is inherent and necessary in music videos.

That was some awesome thunder and lightning last night!  I don't think I've heard thunder that loud in my life.  I thought the big metal fence on the roof got blown overboard.  There was one blinding flash of lightning that actually felt blinding lol.  It was such a great feeling the power of the connections and now I can't get it back even with my Miffy speaker and fullscreen mode.
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