Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A diary-like post

I feel really bad that I wasn't able to get any work done for the independent study. I really thought I would have time to record 64 sentences in two weeks, but somehow, there wasn't. First there was the transcription assignment that took up half a week, then a test to study for, and looking for a volunteer position, and hopping between clyde st. and pitt st. Plus, there's the whole matter of how daunting it is to take 2 hours to record. But I will get it done by next Wednesday the 16th! Because if I don't, that would just be horrendous.

Now TODAY, after my test, I will probably be out early, that plus I don't have to go to work until 5. I'm thinking in the interim, I will call Gouverneur's and ask about that volunteer position. And since that won't take more than 30 minutes, what shall I do with all my other free time? Read ahead for Language Acquisition? Go home and clean my room?

Test is over! Now I can finish watching Spirited Away (2nd time) with a light soul. I know I got 2 or 2.5 wrong. I could've totally made it 0! Ugh why didn't I study more?! And yet I clearly remember just 18 hours ago wanting to snuggle under blankets instead of studying. Well THERE'S the rub. That's what separates the boys from the men etc. I'm not stupid, I know getting 2-3 wrong isn't BAD but YOU know how it is. Well if anything, this just tells me to prepare more for my next tests which I am already feeling scared and avoidant about because it's going to be in Speech science and Hearing science and ... well, the idea of a test in the former doesn't make me too secure feeling. But fear of something should not equal avoidance and so I propose to start studying right away after tonight.

And now to call the volunteer coordinator at Gouverneur's and hope I come across as polished and desirable instead of petulant and pleading. Why wouldn't they want me? =D

LOVE YOU! (who am I talking to? I don't know, but it feels appropriate to put that there)

This is very pretty.

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