Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing this while my professor is taking attendance. There are too many little things to keep track of. I lent a girl my Phonetics textbook from last semester. Then read more of the research article for tomorrow's meeting and read the little text for Speech Science. I also went to Gertz today and scheduled an apt. with my advisor to discuss graduate school. While I was there I picked up the blue notebook I used as my journal for a Intro. class last semester. Normally, I'd just leave it and let the office people throw it away eventually, but I got it from Kinokuniya. Plus, I barely used even a third of it and it's a small, thin thing. I also picked up a form for recording observations of a speech therapist. This is very idealistic of me. I'm supposed to get something like 25 hours of observation in a 300 level class I'll be taking next (and last?!) semester but maybe I can get some done earlier...? Maybe? Despite feeling so disorganized lately. I'm so sick of classes where basic things get reiterated... Q and A straight from readings... oh well, it's not her fault I suppose. She does teach the exact same class right before this. Anyway, no pictures in this blog post. Sadness. It is now 10:43 pm and I don't think I will get as far as I wanted to in my Speech Science text.
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