Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vimeo takes forever to upload a 10 minute video. I know I should multitask by doing something productive like studying, but it makes me too antsy. I think I am way too self conscious for my own good. Watched a few moments of one of the video clips of my partner and I interacting with the little baby. She sounds exuberant and happy while my voice drips with sarcasm. Yes sarcasm, as I talk to a year and a half year old baby. It's the camera! Something about being watched and recorded puts me on edge! I think I'm just very sensitive to artificiality. Because if it was just me naturally playing with her I'm sure I'd be different.

Louis and I went to Beacon's closet today and I got some glorious patterns and colors. Sho Exshaited. I don't know WHY I felt the need to spell it like that. Trying to sound retarded and cute? IDK. I feel like I'm wasting my life waiting for this stupid clip to download. It's only on the second one. Holy crap. Ja, and how do I make put it on a Dvd? Panic-panic-panic. 76% the end is near. Oddly, it is 10:48 pm and I ... am not ... sleepy! 
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