Saturday, February 5, 2011

See? There's my new haircut. I went to a place in Forest Hills called L'Arte. The main attractions were the low price ($25) and the mellow shade of green covering the walls. As you can see it doesn't look dramatically different boo. However, the differences are subtle and I can feel them. When I pull on a hat, my bangs no longer prick me in the eyes. When I bend my head slightly forward, my bangs no longer obscure 3/4 of my vision. When the wind blows, my bangs no longer cover my entire face down to the upper lip. Yay improvement! It almost feels like taking one of those allergy medications. Everything feels so much clearer and more organized now. When my hair is messy and all over my face; I can't think straight. Ugh, yellow light! Btw, I am determined that next time, there will be a dramatic, positive, difference. I walked past a place in the lower east side that looked NICE. Like a place where I could talk to the hair cutter, explain my vision, and he'd get me. I'm prepared to bring drawings! I think I am willing to pay a max of $50-$60. Is that crazy/dumb/extravagant?

Anyways, crunches count for 2011 = 2,085.

I'm not sure if I should keep doing them because discouraging sources tell me crunches don't really do anything. But maybe I should just keep doing them because they must be burning calories at least. They can't just be completely pointless?!
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