Friday, February 4, 2011

Lazy Butterfly

I've been watching a lot of family guy. School's pretty good. I am really excited to be moving to manhattan. In June. So far away. Right now I'm just visiting the place with Louis a couple of times a week. Setting up the apartment is taking a while; specifically, finding a painter to paint the living room (light grey). I haven't really even been looking for one. It is the first week of school; and it is fairly recent that we got wifi at the apt. But still, I need to get back on that... I would like to update this blog regularly, but I don't know, I'm lacking the --something-- that makes me want to do it. Outfit posts seem redundant and boring; I need to figure out a diff. way to blog I guess. So I'm just going to write because it feels good and you will have to excuse me if the writing is tedious and boring. This whole thing (moving to a new apartment with my new boyfriend) makes me feel pleasantly grown up. That, and the way I've been dressing is much more ~ not bright turquoise tops with a sail boat pattern and ruffled sleeves and more greys and cowls and those boots that everyone is wearing nowadays. And I've just gotten a new hair cut! From a much better place than the one in Elmhurst that advertises a 10$ hair cut but didn't say anything when I paid more than twice that much. Jerks. I just hate how the 3 hair cutters I've tried so far are so conservative and timid. I want a haircut that makes it clear that I've gotten a haircut. Not just a neater looking version of my old hair style.

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