Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you still playing the race card

I really really really reallyreallyreallyreally don't want more snow. Although I suppose it is futile to wish for Spring when it is only the beginning of Winter. *sigh* I am really in the mood for lighter colors and feelings of lightness and not tightly tensed muscles braced against icy winds. Right now is one of those times when the silence sounds like it's ringing and I have to turn on yellow lights to counteract the cold blue lighting coming in from outside. I am freezing and sleepy.

Wearing soooooooooo many layers under this!!!
Jacket: Anthropologie

Sweater, shirt, & tank: Banana Republic
skirt: gift from friend
silky floral hankerchief: from relative in China
tights: Ricky's Halloween store
Shoes: TJ Maxx ($1)

Crunches count for 2011: 950
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