Thursday, December 23, 2010

Louis came over today. It's nice the simple things he does that take away some persistent (though not major) problem. A few twists of the nail clipper and I don't have to pull the headboard to make it connect with the side board anymore (which I did at least once a day). A bit of cooking oil and my door doesn't creak. Or was it more a squeak/squeal/whine? IT WAS LOUD and impertinent and sometimes cute.
I was writing a Christmas card earlier and re-reading it, I left out like 3 words and forgot an -ed. I never make mistakes like that!!! My mind must have been preoccupied.

old -drawing- habits die hard. Made cards with Isabelle one day. She took one that I drew and turned it into mini's with a wonderful thing called a scanner which I sometimes miss. Tissew paper!

I'm craving some really good vanilla ice cream right now. The type that feels slightly grainy on your tongue.

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