Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Room decor ideas

The above images are via The Black Apple 

I love the way some people decorate their homes. It's the little details that make it amazing. Of course you need the big basics like the right house/apartment in the right location and furniture and stuff, but after all those big choices, the smaller things make it sooooo much better. Picture frames and curtains. *sigh* 

I've been into trying to make textured things

I thought The Metropolis Case was going to be one of those books I read cover to cover in a day or two, maybe due to the novelty factor of reading a person's blog and then reading his first book but I got through about 4 chapters and stopped. It was even kind of distracting because while reading, I kept thinking about the real person who wrote this book and knowing that he invented the storyline and characters prevented me from really getting into it. Kind of weird. 

Saw this on one of my old / current fav. blogs and I totally agree with #'s 1,3, and 5 :
Random thoughts and conclusions:
1. Potatoes are a good thing to have around.
2. I’m scared of the sixth dungeon of Legend of Zelda (NES).
3. I like perverts.
4. It’s supposed to snow a lot tomorrow, and I’m okay with that.
5. You should always end your days with sweet snacks.

crunches done in 2011: 850

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