Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh no. This blog has far too many product pictures and videos and not enough me.

It's interesting when an author describes a particular character's burps.

"Mrs. Azad stubbbed out her cigarette in an ivory dish. She adjusted her underwear with a thumb and a wiggle of her opulent backside...She drank a second glass of beer and belched with quiet satisfaction. Her husband had brought orange juice at first, and she jumped up in her chair as if she would strike him."
- Brick Lane, p. 85

"Except for Marie's fabled love for Dewey Prince, these women hated men, all men, without shame, apology, or discrimination...They looked back on their own youth as a period of ignorance...They were...whores who had never been young and had no word for innocence...Marie sat shelling peanuts and popping them into her mouth. Pecola looked and looked at the women. Were they real? Marie belched, softly, purringly, lovingly. "
- The Bluest Eye, p. 58
I wonder how mine would be described?
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