Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scrape your knee it was only skin

Edit: whew! Re-found the CD version here.


Oh my gosh it was a pain finding this. Point is, up to oh about 10:49 last night, I did not even know there was another 13 minutes to this song. I've liked nay, loved, the last 3 minutes of the song for a year+ and never even knew a whole other beginning existed.

(not that they really matter in this case but)

01:45 The faster pace isn’t really helping matters any because the language just gets piled on faster. “Well what is this craziness?” she sings, “This crazy talking?” Woman, you talkin’ crazy talk! Elephant talk? Elephant talk!

03:59 Now this is beautiful. The music’s gotten rich, it swells and subsides like the waves we’re supposedly rowing over. The words, too, come and go. It almost feels, I dunno, Rodgers and Hammersteinish, maybe? It’s lovely, and I’m sure it won’t last.

04:27 Nope.

05:05 Somewhere a delusional indie chick is listening to this next to her new boyfriend. Beaming, she grabs his hand. “This is our song,” she tells him. Terrified, he nods.

HILARIOUS! I want to kiss him cartoonishly, and, tickle him.
via : Heart on a Stick

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