Monday, August 30, 2010

I feel stressed.
The woman who lives next door keeps screaming at someone. She's been at it for days.
The lines at the bookstore were really long.
I missed the dates to get an ID card so I have to wait till October. Edit: never mind I just can't read!
I am still waiting to get a book from Amazon and before then can't do the reading for the class (It should be here within the week though). Edit: got it on time!
I gave myself a scare when I went to the office to get a list of the pre-reqs needed for the grad program and one of the classes I was taking wasn't on the list and I thought I would have to drop it and only get reimbursed 75% (turns out it's fine because it satisfies an elective course in Linguistics). Edit: I'm stupid.
I don't know how to make my QC email work because one teacher wants us to only use that one. So I emailed the 'help' people. edit: I went in person to the help desk and it now works.
I'm annoyed with myself because I am being stressed and high strung for no good reason and I remind myself of one of those tiny, wiry dogs with skinny legs that bark in a high-pitched tone and when they bark their whole body vibrates. Edit: are all these edits annoying you yet?
I hate when there's that vague pervasive fear of something (in this case it's school /performance related) that makes you tense for no reason and you start to create problems where there really shouldn't be and it makes you feel out of control and like you don't know what's going on and it feels overwhelming.
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