Monday, August 23, 2010

Room decor

a new addition to the mantle - paper mache heads!  Haha 

wall in sister's room

When I remember a dream long after I've had it, I feel the need to write it down because it probably has some symbolic purpose in my life.  Right?  ;)

I was getting ready to dive into a pool. I've never tried diving before. The pool was filled with murky greenish water with floating objects, colorful plastic blocks, and filled with people. I kept hesitating about diving in because I was worried about hurting myself on one of the big blocks or crashing into someone. I waited too long and everyone else dived in and nobody was helping me. *scene shifts* I'm outside at night by a car and the funny, sarcastic, Asian swim teacher named James from camp was there. We were parting ways or something and we hugged, and I told him how soft his shirt felt. *scene shifts again* I am in the library reading a book, when my mom comes rushing excitedly over. She's just been reading Emily Bronte and tells me she's discovered there exists a secret room hidden in the middle of a old house and in this room you can do anything you want. I try to find it. The old house turns into a mansion which turns into a museum. Soon my sister is with me too, helping. At the end of the dream, we get in an elevator which turns into a subway clattering over trestles and the trestles go over the rooftops of Forest Hills, and I know that at the end of the ride I'll reach the secret room, and then I wake up.

I wish I took this photo:
Annie Ling for the New York Times
cool pic stupid article.
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