Monday, June 28, 2010

I wish my name was Junya Watanabe

2 things. I never took those Mickey Mouse pictures and the moment has passed and now I no longer feel like it. TWO, I read segments of This way for the gas, Ladies and Gentlemen and YEAH...I will NOT be entering this contest. The title itself is brilliant and gives you a hint of how his stories will be. images are seared in my brain. the young woman with the blond hair and thin gold bracelet who boldly walked towards the trucks and the old man taking a wobbly dump and hurrying to follow the group at the courteous rushing of the guard. The old man reminds me of my dad. The author committed suicide a month after his liberation. He was engaged to be married or was newly married after a long separation with his wife and then he just killed himself. Wow why did I write so much already. I originally logged in to write about my feelings in starting my summer camp job because I was sitting here trying to find outdoor games for 4 teenagers and it is making me NERVOUS. Everything on the Internet sounds stupid. I think I've invented a good game, one which combines frisbee, tag, and truth or dare but how will I keep that up for ... um... 8 weeks?!? I'm starting to wish I stuck with the younger kids.

Activities I'm looking forward to planning:

arts and crafts, different cultures, theatre and drama, famous idols, past American pop culture (randomly specific but it's on my schedule because my Unit Leader likes that kind of thing!), & themed crafts.

Activities I am NOT looking forward to:


Fitness and healthy life (yawN), & sports.

my dancing abilities can best be described as agoraphobic freestyle.

so now I have to come up with, and teach a dance to 3 teen boys and 1 teen girl once every 2 weeks with the ultimate result of a performance in front of the ... i think ... whole camp? GEE that sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!!! I'm slightly manic from joy.


Neutral territory:
Group Games, trivia games, performing different plays, sports.

I've met some cool people though. There's this one girl who I'll call Junebug. She's into Science, math, history, and animation and was excitedly telling me how she was gonna cram the kids with history. We're both excited that we're not getting co-counselors cuz WE WORK ALONE. There's also this girl I'll call ... Teacake who has a 2nd job at the Hollister in Soho. I guess we bonded because we're all Americanized Asians and also a lot of the other counselors already know each other. Me and Junebug are Mandarin and Teacake is a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese. Junebug is skinny with limp hair and braces and is the typical Asian nerd I guess. Teacake is like an Asian Miley Cyrus. Long flowing hair, accompanies phrases like 'that's my daddy's diner' with a cute grin and compliant tilt of the head. I would like my nickname to be Yahooligan.

Summer does not agree with me. I sneeze convulsively whenever my body over heats. It does no good to try and wait it out because the more I sneeze the hotter I get. I have to do something to lower my body temperature, like drink water or stand in front of the fan.
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