Friday, June 11, 2010

say this 10x fast "Alpha Kenny 1"

For dinner I had 2 tacos, Russian chocolate cake, ice cream, and coffee. The latter was so sugary my teeth felt tingly as if little invisible cavity bugs were crawling all over them. I couldn't keep my eyes open at 9 but six hours later ...

here I am.

Twenty three is an age of unwanted, compulsive comparisons. On the other hand, I frequently feel like lady gaga.

Tomorrow is the Spring show* and the Nursery class (am/pm) will be performing these songs:

  • I am a tiny mouse
  • The tail of the mouse
  • Une sourris vert (the green mouse)
  • Who's the Leader of the Club (Mickey Mouse)

That last song is sexist.

I will be wearing mouse ears, a red and white polka dotted bow tie, red tank top, white sweater, black pants, and black flats from Payless - the most amazing shoes I have ever gotten!!! So comfortable, so simple and HONEST looking, and after washing, they look like new! Wow!!! I want to buy 3 more pairs of these shoes!!! Why don't they make them in more colors like white or grey or YELLOW?!?!?! I'd die with happiness.

*Pictures will be arriving in approximately 13.4 hours
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