Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haircut Ideas

Diana went on Google and used the search term 'haircut for round faces' and the results were all really good and almost all blonds. These are two of the longish ones which I'm not sure I have enough hair for:

I like this one a lot although I need to remember that one reason why it looks so good is because of all the highlights in it which add depth and layers and which I don't want. I never want to highlight or dye my hair again.

These are the shorter ones I liked. I just want a light, wispy haircut.

I'm not really sure which one is my favorite. It's hard to determine whether I like one better for the haircut itself or for the overall 'feel' of the photo; the mood, the celebrity's face and attitude, etc. Which one would look good on me? I think I like Cameron's and Kirsten's best (the first one and the last one).

of course I'll take a pic of my haircut (appointment's today at 11) and post it. I'm actually nervous, though I shouldn't be because no matter what it turns out like, it'll still be better than the way it is now, all raggedy around the edges and too thick and heavy in the back, and way better than anything I've done in the past. Looking at old photos of my short hair makes me cringe.

So my plan is, to bring my netbook, show the haircutter all these pics, tell him/her which ones I like and then have him/her decide which one best suits me. I will post the illustrations from The Phantom Tollbooth soon. They are already edited (cropped, brightened), I just need to upload them to blogger.
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