Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is the most gorgeous stuff I have seen!!!

Oh! ♥
His facial expression reminds me of a Franciscan monk. I can totally picture him in a brown robe tied with rope holding a delicate blossom. Guess what this reminds me of. That's right it's famous haiku time!

The two plum trees -
I love their blooming!
one early, one later.

There, now take that little morsel and just ... savor it for the rest of your day.

If I had a boyfriend I would buy him these tee shirts! Wait this is Top Shop so the aforementioned tee shirts would probably be $80 dollars each. Oh just noticed the first one is a sweatshirt, k easily over $100 then! If I'm honest, I really love the photographs more than the actual items, BUT boys in floral = win. Always. No exceptions.

Amazing. Amazing.

*record scratches to a stop*
Cool, but what th-?! Then looking at it from afar (which is the only way things like this can be appreciated) I realized! He's standing next to a tree; he is the ripe juicy plum that has just fallen from the tree and is waiting for a tired and hot passer-by to pick him up and devour him. I haven't had fruit in a while. LITERALLY

& as long as I'm here ...
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac F/W '09

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