Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dogwoods in the city

This'll be the first in a series of picture posts of nature (and people) in the city.

These trees were the first thing I saw when I came out of the subway station.
(63rd and Lexington)

Lower East Side

Which is better? Larger or smaller pictures? I got my orange pants but can't pick them up until next weekend as that is how long the hemming service takes. =( I'm all done with all 9 children's books I got from the library. I got a few old favorites, and also a few I didn't like as a child to see if I would like them more now - Bridge to Terabithia, The Fledgling, The Phantom Tollbooth...and whaddaya know I do. I start the new job tomorrow! Ohchyeah I got the 2 new CDs I ordered (The Magic Position and Lovers and Crypts) on Monday! I hate when I have to type something with that extra 'and' because it sounds so grammatically incorrect. They're pretty good. My favorite song from Patrick Wolf is 'Augustine'. Can't really say for Bunny Rabbit's... lots o' cussing going on. The overall sound is ... Picture it: the Blythe doll with blood dripping down her neck and with red pupils and holding a big butcher knife all while smiling sweetly. The last track sounded so freaky I had to turn it off because it sounds like the noises going on in a crazy person's brain. I also got tickets for my sister and I to see WongFu Productions at Columbia University on April 18th. Getting excited. The last picture reminds me of vanilla ice cream. The old fashioned kind. Mmmm. I want the kind that you made in high school science class by tossing around giant Ziploc bags full of ice cream ingredients and salt. This also reminds me of a time in 1st grade when for a Fall activity, some woman bought in saltine crackers with apple cider and home made butter. That butter was good.
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