Sunday, March 14, 2010

Three King

cheap watercolors

Painting of girl with orange patchwork hat

I literally rescued this watercolor set from a bunch of literally retarded preschoolers. Just kidding! Just kidding! I love painting with watercolors. It's so easy and quick. Chickens lay eggs with bright yellow yolks when they are happy and free. Yvonne paints 2 pictures and makes 2 blog posts in half a day...technically 3 thanks to Mr. Doob. Hope you guys are having a good sunday.

Here's a Chinese word riddle for you:
One minus one does not equal zero. Guess the word. (Hint: it's a number)

Here's another one:
One plus one does not equal two. Guess the word. (Hint: the answer is NOT a number)

Answers .....

Coming .......




Answer to riddle 1: "三"
Answer to riddle 2: "王"
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