Sunday, March 28, 2010

"If I don't listen I'm going to grow a monkey tail."

Today at my interview, the woman asked me what my future plans were. Was I still in school? Did I graduate already? Every. single. interview. I hear this. Every new job I start, this is part of the getting-to-know-you small talk. Usually I say in a cheerful nonchalant manner "I already graduated!" This was the first time I got to say, "yes I'm going back to school in the Fall". It gave me a little thrill. You mean I actually have a long term plan and know where I'm going??? This time last year I was so resistant to the idea of going back to school. It didn't feel worth it to work so hard to get another degree in Psychology. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do instead, and I felt resentful that nowadays an M.A. is so necessary to have a good job. It's like, people in Science and Engineering and Computer-related majors don't need the M.A. to get a good job - why should I??? It felt like the world wanted me to prove that I was good enough or something. Oh so these other new graduates can be trusted with independence and get paid a lot but I can't be trusted till I go to 2 more years of school???

I wanted to see how far I could get with just a B.A. in psychology, and in the beginning, middle, and early end of this year, it seemed to be not very far. It seemed the best I could do was part time teaching with full time TA-ing, aka diaper changing and making sure little preschoolers don't hurt their fragile little selves. NOW however, now that I've had a variety of experiences (I added 4 new things to my resume this year, soon to be 5) it's been way easier getting interviews and I've been offered positions with actual good companies for jobs like Case Manager and High School/Middle School TA which is kind of exciting and makes me think I wouldn't mind doing that for a year or two at all. All of a sudden I feel so hire-able and interviews don't scare me. I used to go into them feeling like it was a shot in the dark, 50/50 but I've come to realize there are certain small and not so small things I can do to control how it goes.

This post is mainly to calm any anxiety I have about this next step I'm taking. I have no clue what the classes will be like. Actually people tell me there's a lot of science involved. Learning about mouth muscles and whatnot, I guess.

Examples: LCD 106 Introduction to Communication Disorders, LCD 110 Phonetics, LCD 207 Anatomy & Physiology, LCD 208 Hearing Science, LCD 216 Language Acquisition.

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