Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I bought my first outfit in almost a year which is GREY ... The weather's been really gray (right after a week of amazing warm sunshine and now I'M TRAPPED INSIDE the rain hasn't STOPPED), and one of my favorite bands is coming out with a new CD after 2 years called Grey Oceans ...

Hm. Now I'm thinkin this picture would look a lot cooler if I had bright red lipstick on.

My refrigerator is so empty. I get a kick out of eating everything and having to start from scratch the next time I go food shopping. Even if it means having oatmeal for dinner and rice with eggs and ketchup every day. I'm having a massive craving for fried potatoes in the form of hash browns or wedge cut french fries aaannnd avocados. All I have to work with is dried sea kelp and something I don't even know the English translation of so here is a picture -

Out of ALL the possible definitions for 'monolithic', the one that applies here is I THINK this: "formed or composed of materials without joints or seams" though I dunno how much I trust this company's translating prowess given the lovely instructions on the back of the package:

The contents expand to 4x its size when soaked in water. Now that makes me wonder, if I were to gnaw on one spoonful of say, the dried 'wakame', would it be just as filling as eating that same spoonful expanded? Is that how astronaut food works?

I just read about George W. Bush wiping his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt after shaking hands with poor people in Haiti? And some government official making his facebook status 'the fact that anime exists shows that 2 nukes wasn't enough'. I don't like anime much either, but poor wording doncha think? IRL he would probably say that with heavy sarcasm and his bros would gasp and call him a douche...but given his position and everything it's kinda ... you know what? Coming from anyone that's messed up. Politicians have the most pressure to be politically correct and maybe he saw his facebook as a place to escape from all that. Should've carefully set those privacy settings dude! Government officials are just like school teachers. Both jobs have a bunch of unspoken rules and social expectations. Which is why you hear stories about teachers having lesbian sex in a classroom or the one who accidentally sent a student home with a DVD of her naked. And that is why I don't want to be a teacher. I'd turn into some repressed thing trying to find any opportunity to be deviant.

I like the way my hair looks in this picture. The greenish brown tints remind me of Gillyweed, and ugly mermaids.

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