Thursday, February 25, 2010


More of that neurotically adorable man, Richard E. Grant!

You find the most interesting bits of trivia from the comments ...

posh nosh youtube comments
posh nosh youtube comments

This consistently gray weather is really starting to get me down. More snow and rain on the way for the next few days. Lying in bed with The Golden Girls, subtle British humor, and those same 3 sites is nice but ... I want cheesecake and coffee and not just half a slice a day either. I want to sit here and eat the whole thing. I love British accents on certain words. If it were possible, I would grab him ... from this picture ...

Withnail and I at emy augustus

... sit him in a corner of my room and every time I walk by hear him spit out a 'Bols!' or a 'BAHsturd!' or another one of his cynically deadpan drunken phrases. "I must have booze I DEMAHND to have booze!" "I am a TrRained Actor! I cannot LIVE in these conditions!" // Cheese cake is amazing. It's made out of dairy and sugar right but I swear the plain slice I ate yesterday tasted like it had, miracle of miracles, been sprayed with the juice of a hundred forest raspberries; handpicked and pristine.
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