Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why I woke up at 8:19, on the other side of the bed, when I never NEVER move in my sleep.

(My sister made this to amuse me hehe I am amused.)
Late Night Task Force & Emy Augustus
We had to pass a series of group physical tests. We were all connected somehow, either by holding hands or holding on to one part of a net and walking, but a subway came through and the people closer to the speeding subway screamed as they were pulled by the turbulence. I was just far enough away so that I only felt a slight tremor. I saw and heard the chaos but it didn't affect me one bit. Then the colors changed; faded papyrus colors...

A tall pyramid stood over a river. A group of pandas swam uniformly under it. Us humans had to go next. Fighting my claustrophobia, I forced myself to stay calm as I swam through the dark tunnel with only a few inches for my face above the water.

My sister and I were trying to find each other using our cell phones. We were both in a rounded, red, stadium-like maze called the Rose Bowl. I didn't want to go see the doctor because he was an ugly old pervert and he wanted to rape me. I was a young child, maybe 12, maybe 16. I told my sister to come with me so I wouldn't have to be alone with him. We made the trip several times (without actually getting there). Finally on the last trip, she turned into Linda, my apartment mate, and with the carelessness of a school kid said "okay I have to go now" and flounced away. "Wait!" I was scared knowing I would have to face the doctor alone. I was in a house with many hallways and ugly white rooms. His daughter (wife?) told me she didn't have the forms I needed and gave me a book to read. I was on the computer typing something when the doctor came up behind me and started to feel for cancerous lumps. Then he started to really feel me and it felt good but I didn't show it because his wife was sitting right next to me. Then I woke up.
I wasn't going to write this dream down, but I realized when I got home from work that almost 11 hours had passed with lots going on and I still remembered all the same details I remembered when I first woke up. There's gotta be a reason for that since plenty of dreams that I remember vividly at first fade to hazy nothingness in just a few minutes. I know dreams don't always have to mean something but doesn't this one feel like a riddle?
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