Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Goad Goat's Gold Goals ... it works! Meaning-wise...

Happy Valentine's day! Happy Chinese New Year! I would've posted this on the correct date but I was too busy watching a westernized Chinese mob-like 'mystery' loosely translated as Sharp Knife? And building an igloo and cleaning kitchen counters. I spent today not going food shopping, & instead worked on my resume and cover letter. The cover letter took me a longgg time. Barely worked on a college application essay ( I'm going to work on it more hardcore later ) and watching this guy guiltypleasure? and also Golden Girls. and now without further ado, it's time for some nice pictures with loosely related quotes!

Drawing by Allyson Mellberg-Taylor
"The bones of haikai are plainness and oddness."

"A verse that has something interesting in it is all right, even if its meaning isn't very clear."
- Basho (on poetry)

That central figure with no face intrigues me.

It's about time I posted this on my blog considering how often I have Golden Girls on. Sometimes I'll put on an old episode just so I can hear the familiar voices and laugh tracks. I'm sure I'm not alone here. I love them all but Sophia and Dorothy are my favorites. Especially Sophia with her I don't know what to call it, body language humor? Her movements are just rip-roaring hillarious. It really grows on you. Once you get over the weirdness of watching a sitcom starring 'OLD' 'women', it's hillarious. Yes yes I gueess I was guilty of ageism.

My resolutions for this week:

- Apply to at least 2 jobs a day. One down for today, one more to go!
- Work on "Why I want to major in Communication Science and Disorders" essay ( 250-500 words). Finish by Friday.
- Review material for TA test on Saturday. (No rush for this, it's supposed to be easy. But still.)
- Come up with a really annoying blog title. =D *ding!

Wish me luck with mah goalllz. Or better yet, goad me and make mean jabs telling me I can't do it so that I will spitefully want to prove you wrong. Hope you had a good weekend. ok blog post aka fun-for-the-day over. Back to work.
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