Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've always been a fan of his work. Ever since I was little I've felt that his illustrations had a quiet depth. I remember a story where it was winter and there was a little boy in a red jacket with a pointy hood.

Ah, here it is! Thank you Internet.

Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day

I re-discovered him one day at work when I was organizing the bookshelf. The buses hadn't arrived yet and I needed something to do so of course I gravitated towards the books. I noticed that behind the shelf were some really old, forgotten children's books. A few in total 50's style with little Jack and Jane with their shining gold hair and blue eyes and dainty plaid dresses and kites and picturesque fields. Then I spotted this :

Ezra Jack Keats HI, Cat

There actually aren't too many ANY good pictures of the inside pages so come Monday, I'm going to borrow it and take some myself. Then I might just forget to return it since nobody reads it anyway.

Ezra Jack Keats is awesome

Ezra Jack Keats is amazing


There are words written about him here and here.
(btw, it surprised me to discover that he's NOT Black.)
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