Sunday, November 8, 2009


I see no need to move

but what's this


I went in and never came back

The class I teach on Saturdays is really perking up.

Me: "... the kids think of so many different ways to play with two marbles... the toys I bought in at first really sucked, they didn't like it...this one boy loves my yoyo even though he doesn't have the muscle control to play with it... the girls were playing catch with the stuffed ghost I got from work...and they LOVE the crayons... "
Linda: "I thought this was a math class?"

Too true too true. I can get too caught up with trying to make it fun. But 5,6, and 7 year olds, learning an alternative type of math on a Saturday??? I feel bad for the tykes.
The weather was beautiful today. SO warm and sunny for early November in NY.
I've been feeling uninspired all day.
Today I saw a vlog entirely about a girl pulling a stocking over her face; "I've always wanted to do this" she says. Another of a girl Prancing around in her "fun, fierce, fashions". So let me get this straight. I need to dress like you because you can pair a peacoat with a shirt, jeans, and boots. UH HUH. And another one of a super skinny girl dancing for ... too long. Because I am just that into your body and your moves. You'd think I would've paused and left way before the halfway mark, but no, I kept watching because I couldn't believe this was really the whollllleeee video. It was hypnotizing.
At least animals are intelligent and pleasantly surprising!
(This was a desperate cry for help. Please recommend me people you like. You know, vloggers, bloggers.)
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